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This is the section that challenges most politicians.

The "getting elected 101" workbook says the less said about issues and vision as a candidate the better. And even if you are elected you are still going to be a candidate in the next election.

If you don't say anything substantial then potential voters can't disagree with you. That is why we hear such vague things as:

More transparency.                          Better leadership.
Creating a Unified Vision.                      Ensuring access.
Hire more police.                              Support essential services.
Less taxes.                                        Better spending.
Effective communication.                 Accountability.
Better transit and transportation.          Empowering communities.

The challenges with all this motherhood and apple pie fluff is that its utterly meaningless when trying to create a concrete plan of action for how they will be accomplished.

Job number one for any politician is a commitment to honesty. Sure its going to be hard and may bite you in the backside but most people know when you are lying anyway so why sugar coat it.

No one likes bad news but its vital to the solution process. As a cop I have had to deliver bad news, sometimes horrible news, to good people. There is no easy way. But its necessary.

I believe that if voters and taxpayers really know what is going on then they may come up with innovative solutions that city hall has not thought of. There are some smart people living in Calgary. Many too smart to run for city office. Together we can find creative and effective solutions to any problem.