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This website is divided into a few distinct areas.

The Inner Voice Magazine section revolves around what is going on with  publishing. Books. Magazines. Marketing. Training. And especially Social Media and its impact on Calgary business. 

Safe Traffic Inc. is focused on traffic safety. It is time to say "enough". Too many lives are lost or ruined by traffic related crashes without rhyme or reason. Its tragic and completely unnecessary. 40,000 crashes. 4,000+ people injured - many for life. 40-50 people killed. Billions of dollars in damages and financial losses. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Everyone is a potential victim. It needs to stop.

The Blog and Issues section covers my other passion. Governance. I have now run 4 times for city council. And lost. Once by as little as 146 votes but politics has no medals for second place. It is the winners who decide Calgary's future. It is up to us to keep them honest and on the right track. 

A lot of promises were made last election. That is what happens during an election. Its like courting. Now the marriage begins. I predict the honeymoon phase will be over fairly quickly as politicians start to get down to the serious tasks at hand.

Nenshi said it best when he was sworn in as Mayor. For this to work we all need to do our part. We need to speak up when council starts to do the same old same old and goes off the tracks.

We all need to part of the conversation. And we are not going to agree on everything.

Recently the discussion has been on several key matters. My take on things will be in the issues section and my blog. Your opinion is welcome.

1) The $42 million moved from school taxes to the city budget. For some it was called "tax room" and justifiable. For others it was a massive sell out and a blatant tax grab.

2) The ongoing Airport Underpass saga. Even MPs are weighing in on the issue. $300 million and climbing. Is it the best use of transportation money? One of those rare debates where many people don't really understand what they are debating about. 

3) The federal election and what it means to Calgarians.

4) The various leadership campaigns provincially and next year's provincial election.

This website will be dedicated to reviewing and critiquing what happens in Calgary over the next three years. 

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We need to be a city that offers choice to Calgarians. But they have to be your choices.